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Hi guys!

Welcome to my page, I'm Nicka, I'm Black, Gay and a Woman, who lives in London, UK and I love to write. I am a late bloomer -So I'm learning this ting too! I have survived child abuse and domestic violence. I suffer with mental health issues (mainly anxiety) and I use my website to share my experiences from my past and present in the efforts that it will help someone else to help heal themselves.


The topics I speak on vary from my experience with my mental health, racism and sexism. Whilst these issues are heavy I do like to speak on Spirituality, my culture (Caribbean) and other things that make me happy- please expect lots of pictures of animals particularly my two cats- Tia and Cleo.


I enjoy reading, crafting and just generally being creative, I am also the ultimate thrift queen, so do keep an eye out for my budgeting posts and cheap self care guides.

Site Navigation:

You will find that I currently have two galleries, one is for techniques, I found helpful in grounding me, when having a panic attack or general overwhelm for example, the other gallery is for images of freedom, whether expressed by myself or taken by myself. 

Lastly, I have connected my socials so please do have a look and follow me if you want to keep up with my daily shenanigans


If you would like to get in touch please, email me nickalovesxo@gmail.com or use the contact form, from the menu

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