Welcome to the Grounding Gallery

A Place to help us heal

Anyone who lives or travels to London often knows how unstable our weather is. We rarely get consistent heat and sun, but when we do, I take the opportunity to ground myself by taking some time out. I often have panic attacks, one of which used to be going to the park alone. I would think that people thought that I was weird or up to no good, despite many people being in the park by themselves. It was very uncomfortable to be in a park by myself. I slowly built up the courage to sit in a park by myself and I go when I can to take my mind away from the whirling noises in my head. The area in which I live in has lots of different, beautiful landscapes that make me forget that I am indeed, in London. These areas have lots of different animals, lots of birds and after watching Bird Box, birds are our friends, people! Watching them and their surroundings, takes my mind off of the negative thoughts, and helps me to breathe easily and in turn, my problems, although not resolved, become easier to deal with in my mind. Sometimes I listen to music, sometimes I just take in the sounds around me, but I recommend this to everyone. Take 15-20 minutes from work, school, studying etc to take in your surroundings. It would be great if you could find a park or a space like these, however disconnecting from the world for a small period can restart your mind and make your problems and/or feelings a little more bearable.