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A little bit about me

Whenever I get asked to talk a little bit about myself, my mind goes completely blank and I lose all common sense and I start to question my own existence. Who am I? Do I exist? Where am I? What is life and so and so forth. So I am going to use a question I was asked a few weeks back when I engaged in a page takeover on instagram and that was: "For someone brand new to your page, what would you want us to know about you?"

  • Please do not put me into a box, I am not a fan of labels or a sundry of identities purely because people can limit you and often times we can limit ourselves too. I am a multidimensional being, it's such a beautiful freeing feeling for me, to be everything or nothing, without being tied down to a label that may or may not fit who I am, especially when it is based off of archaic european standards.

  • I'm new to you, not new to this. I share a lot about my journey from, childhood trauma and the obstacles I face along the way, but there is a lot that I do not share, I've had a hard complex life, I have been through some things, please don't assume that I am not aware of things and if you would like to know, respectfully ask and if I don't answer, please don't take it personally if I don't engage.

  • I am very empathetic but my apathy is just as strong. I will not put myself in harms way or over exert myself for those who wouldn't do the same for me. I especially will not do this for those who have historically harmed myself and the Black community as a whole.

  • As I explained above, my life has been hard and I lived in a dark place for a very long time, so I like to make sure that there is joy in everything that I do! So expect fun, wit, culture, silliness, authenticity, cats and lot's of things that I enjoy.

I created this space so that I can talk unapologetically about the things that I am passionate about, healing, becoming, racism, culture and I centre Black women in my work often. I would like it to be a place that people can visit to help themselves on their healing journey and to not feel so alone.

I remember a time that I did not have the language or the understanding of what was happening to me and it made it hard to process and ask for help because I did not understand myself. I hope that through me talking about my experiences that I am able to reach those who need to hear it.

I think it's hard to sum up who I am through one post but I hope that you get to stick around to get an understanding of who I am.

But before I go a few things:

I am 30 something, I really feel like age is such a non factor but at the same time, I love being in my 30's, I have two cats Tia (tabby) and Cleo (Black tuxedo), I love plants, books, solitude, running, tv shows, natural hair, puzzles, travelling and learning new things.

If you love what I do, have learned something and wish to kindly donate to me for my work, you can do so via paypal: cashapp: £curlsandhoops or you can donate via my ko-fi via the button below

A picture of me enjoying the sun, sitting in the park ☀️

The closest Tia (on the left) & Cleo get to each other

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