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Bird Box or Bust

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

I am sure most of you are aware of the Netflix film Bird Box, which came out in December 2018, it blew up! The film itself was okay but left me, personally, with so many unanswered questions, loose ends and questionable actions that it wasn't really a big deal to me, however the memes and posts were brilliant! The rare occasion when everyone came together and bonded and had fun over a common interest. However, where ever there is fun, there are always miserable people to burst the bubble. Black people, moreso Black Owned Business' were complaining about the lack of attention their business' gets in comparison to a major film that put in work to make their mediocre film a hit.

First things first, they advertised the film on their platform...I was minding my business tryna find something to watch & BAM the trailer came up - Netflix & Bird Box advertised their shit, gave us good notice & told us the specific date that it would be on. Black owned business’ love to keep us guessing when it comes to how much an item is & then get upset when we ask & don’t come back or say no thank you- How about saving yourself the agro and state the price up front so people can decide before wasting their time & yours on asking how much something is...This isn’t Blues Clues...when I walk into a supermarket, I know how much the items are before I put it into my basket, so I know if I want to buy that particular item or’s literally that simple.

You can not equate a film that is created for entertainment purposes & is essentially free to a black owned business? Like please be realistic! Whenever Black Directors/Producers/Movies bring out a new film, I'm pretty sure we go and support.

Black owned business’ tend to be (I highlighted that cause reading comprehension is low) specialised/bespoke, items/services that are not essential, in a climate where life for a lot of black people is still a financial struggle.

Word of mouth is my favourite type of advertising...However it is not supposed to be relied upon.


I get so tired of hearing people whine about people not promoting them. Do you ever think to yourself that your service or items are too expensive for the vast majority of your target audience? Your target audience can not be working class black people & be selling £500 of bed sheets for example. Be realistic. Stop comparing yourself to gucci, lv & the rest, people are buying fakes...jesus ? & if they aren’ what? It’s not your business to question why people buy what they buy! Do you see Tesco’s cussing their customers for shopping in Waitrose? (For my non UK peeps- Tesco is a average supermarket & Waitrose is expensive...I mean high class think Aldi & Whole Foods) Self reflect why they are not buying from YOU?!!!! Maybe it’s your attitude towards people? (See above comment about making fun of or snide remarks about what people are or aren't buying) Maybe you have made elitist comments? Maybe your ideologies (please keep your personal opinions -if it is not a part of your business/brand- off of your business platforms and DON’T link them) do not sit well with your consumers. MAYBE your energy is off & people do not want to pass on your is not the customers responsibility to advertise for you!!


You should be grateful for them and pampering them, not giving them more work!

In order to make money, you gotta spend money- I’ve always taken this phrase to mean advertising, cause you can start a business from virtually nothing. There are many ways to advertise, I’m not doing the work for you, if you want to know, then you can pay me & I will help you.

Yes charge what you are worth, but you need to be realistic about your target audience & if they are able to afford your items/service, if not change your target audience and help your target audience for example a black woman has a healing service- I can’t remember what it fully is- but she knows that her prices are high, her target audience are white women, so she gets them to pay for a black woman to use her service for free.

You keep telling us to talk to the black owned business before giving them a negative review...but have you ever tried to give a black owned business constructive criticism?! In fact have you ever told a Black Man that Black Women don't owe them anything or that Black Women are tired of holding up the community? OR have you ever tried to tell a Black Woman that she is enabling her son's and being so hard on her daughters? Or that Black Women are in an abusive/unhealthy/toxic relationship? Cause we don't listen to advice, everyone is a hater and bitter and then we deflect on the person trying to help us and call them names and continue to sit our toxic, unhealthy ways.

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