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Lent, discipline & revolution

I was raised in the Catholic Church and the more I learn the history of the Caribbean, it becomes clearer and clearer as to why I was. As much as I have denounced that part of my personal identity, I still have a mild connection to Christianity.

Spring is my favourite season as it’s a yearly reminder that after the dark storm, there is always the light. Everything is new and fresh, the air is lighter, flowers start to bloom, baby animals are born, the days are longer and warmer; it’s a beautiful time! And for those of us who are in tune with Spirituality, it’s a new year for us!

Which leads me to Lent, it’s a time for Christians to prepare for Easter and explore their relationship with God. It begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter Sunday and depending on your own beliefs in varies in how you choose to abstain and fast.

For quite a number of years, I have given something up and it has lead to me learning more about myself and also exploring new things like new foods or new restaurants. So this time is monumental for me and allows me to start the new year with the very cliche: ‘a new me’.

I shed parts of me, that I didn’t know, I no longer needed and I find a new release of life. I also wonder if this has to do with my mental health and how I hibernate from the world during Winter. I don’t realise how low my mood is during this time and the longer days and warmer weather, with pretty landscapes jolts my mood.

The joyful feeling of Spring is electrifying and I feel as if participating in Lent makes it that much more special, in the sense of achievement. Feeling proud of myself for sticking to something, it shows me that I can do anything that I put my mind to; which sets me up for the new year.

This year I have decided to add something rather than take something away because I feel like we have been in a year long Lent and so much has been taken away from us, so I decided to add things to my life rather than take it away.

I have spent a small fortune on books this year (we are only in February 🙃) and I really want to do more learning in terms of socialism and interestingly communism.

These subjects and ideologies have kinda landed in my lap as I have felt extremely out of place with the politic ideology of the people (social media wise) around me and so I went searching for people who aligned with my beliefs and political views and it seems like I gotta catch up, there is so much to explore and I’m excited to learn more.

Our greats that came before us have been trying to tell us what needs to be done for too long and it’s disrespectful for us not to listen. It’s so important to build on the legacies that they have left us & make changes for a better world for us all, not just for the select few.

I hope that me incorporating these changes for Lent will help me learn more, be healthier and be able to do more for the community.

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