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Little fires everywhere first thoughts

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

So I have finally caught up on the much praised series and I was immediately hooked from the beginning; we jump straight into a "who done it" theme and I absolutely love these genres.

Also seeing Reese Witherspoon and Pacey aka Joshua Jackson, excited my inner teenager and lit up my heart.

Me seeing Joshua Jackson oh look it's Pacey!
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My first impression of The Richardsons was: here we go again (insert eye roll here) but I was quickly shown otherwise. My thoughts were of entitled children and a set of elitist white parents. I mean I wasn't completely wrong but I framed them differently; The father I thought would be the uncompromising authoritarian and the wife was the typical know it all karen wife who demanded everything and to be her way or the high way.

The children are entitled but not because there was a lack of discipline, but more because of favouritism; the ones who would follow societies ideals were best-loved.

My observation of the older two children: the boy is a typical sports star but is warm hearted and the daughter is how my first impressions of the mother were. The younger two are the rebel, free thinkers and I loved the physical enactment of the youngest daughter Izzy, writing "Not your puppet" in permanent marker on her forehead. What we see here is a real life expression of what happens when we do not give space for others to speak their feelings or be themselves; it results in tantrums, poor behaviour or opposing actions/rebellion.

We first meet Mia Warren and her daughter Pearl living in their car, homeless and they are escorted out of a car park. My thoughts are that Mia will do what it takes to keep her daughter safe and her needs met, and we later learn that she finds it hard to balance her own needs and her daughters.

My first impression of Mia is of a hardened woman who has her guard up because the world has shown her that she must always be that way and that sometimes spills over onto her daughter.

My initial observation of Bill was wrong and he seems to be a soft hearted, kind man and is wrapped around Elenas finger and does as he is told and I wonder how long that will last for. He loves his wife, but how long can one be scheduled to have sex, week in & week out and be denied on silly technicalities?

Elena seems over confident, arrogant even, in her parenting, thoughts, beliefs and work, when in reality she has a lot of self reflection to do; forcing her way of living onto her daughter, without even listening to what she likes and compromising with her on the way that she expresses herself would be a better way of parenting rather than barking at her and telling her what to do, as if it were a prison.

As time goes on Mia does some swift self reflection and swallows her pride and puts her daughters needs before her own, which I am happy to see as I was beginning to question my like of her. There are a couple of scenes were we see her nightmares, with the wife being a nosey karen calling her previous landlord, with the same landlord to not have heard of Mia Warren, I am wondering, coupled with her nightmares and constantly moving around the country, has she changed her name & is running away from someone? Did she really not live in the previous home? Who is the man on the train? Who is the woman on the train? Has Mia been living in her car from 1983? Was she having sex with men for money? Whew let me watch the next episode!

Last thoughts: Elena & Mia are seemingly polar opposite but I feel as if they have more in common than they know.

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