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Saturday grumblings 🙏🏽✨

I woke up with a lot of mind this morning and it felt great! But more specifically what I shared on my stories and the more I think about it, coupled with my previous video (go check that out), I realise how much liberalism IS in fact wyt supremacy and how effective it is in destroying communities, enabling divide and conquer and ultimately our freedom. You don’t want to self reflect, you don’t want to be empowered, you don’t want to critically think, all you want to do is stay in fear and victimhood and just hope and pray that things will change. It’s not realistic nor will it happen. Nothing isn’t going to change, unless you do! As always, You guys can do whatever you want, but I’m not coddling you any more or doing things to make you feel “safe” when that is most definitely not reciprocated. So many of you are bullies and/or enablers and you don’t even realise it cause you don’t face your own selves while doing absolutely nothing for anyone.

Have a great weekend though and I hope this is the weekend, week, month that you actually and actively choose YOU and do that inner work. The work that strengthens resilience, disseminates insecurities, processing guilt, grief and hurt so that you can be happy within your own self. This will create a ripple effect, because then we will be able to live with difference, conflict and all the other feelings that we have been taught are bad or wrong and accept each other as is without trying to force or coerce each other into submission. Y’all be easy though 🤟🏽

#BeEasyInTheseStreets #BackTheFuckUpBeforeYouGetSmackedTheFuckUp #RandalHeadasses

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