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Saturday morning rumblings...

I’m going to dedicate some time to break down liberalism and will post it on my blog which is in my bio, if you are new here! I’m also moving away from “left and right” but as that is what everyone understands, I’m going to use it till I explain why I’m moving away from it.

Biggest mouths in this context meaning smugness, stirring up the pot, being purposefully dense, spreading misinformation by regurgitating governments (aka wyt supremacy) bs etc none of that is helping anyone, except themselves (and even then...). That is the point of their activism though, because its just about their needs. They don’t include or listen to the wider community but everyone must include them. Sounds like whiteness & entitlement to me 🤷🏽‍♀️

Only looking out for yourself and your family and friends needs and viewing everything from your own perspective is failing us, it’s boring and insufferable. This is not to be confused with speaking up about your needs, everyone gets to do that, the problem is when others derail it, call you names, weaponise their identities in and effort to silence you and keep the focus on them. Listening to each other is so important, it gives us the knowledge to be able to cover all basis, we are solid, we build empathy & compassion for one another and we use our strengths to help with each others weaknesses.

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