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Train of Thought

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Short story: I applied to be a train driver, many moons ago and there were a series of tests & interviews that you had to do. One of them was a sight test which tested your response time to small changes, I passed it, in fact I got the best scores and had the fastest response time, I had just clicked too many times in between them changing the shade of the object. I didn’t understand that there were different ones, I say it wasn’t explained properly but I think I interpreted it differently & misunderstood their needs from the test (this is actually a really good example of when people misinterpret you but rather than listen to your explanation they argue what they thought you said....anyway!). After they told me that I hadn’t made it to the next stage of interviews, I remember thinking, “I’m not supposed to be a train driver, this isn’t my path I’m supposed to be something bigger and better” This train (pun wasn’t intended but if the shoe fits and dem ting deh) of thought was unusual for me too, however I believed it, and here I am today with a bright future ahead of me, healing myself & guiding others to do the same, with so many possibilities in store for me! Good Morning and never forget that failure, doesn't necessarily mean a bad thing; it could be teaching you something or steering you into a better direction

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